Bio 4 Community

Concord Consortium Microsite

Project Overview

For the Concord Consortium Bio 4 Community project, I developed an extensive collection of interactive website layout designs using Figma. These designs were tailored for a microsite that serves the Bio 4 Community curriculum, focusing on the following principles:

  • Simplified, Accessible Design: Emphasized minimalist aesthetics to boost user engagement and ensure the interface is welcoming to all users.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Concentrated on creating an intuitive layout and navigation framework to facilitate easy exploration and interaction, eliminating usability obstacles.
  • Science-Oriented Color Scheme: Chose a color palette that draws inspiration from scientific themes, enhancing the site’s visual appeal while underscoring its scientific integrity and focus.
  • Collaborative Workflow: Maintained a close partnership with Doubleberry Interactive to ensure that each design element was perfectly poised for efficient development, allowing for a smooth transition from design to functional product.
  • Interactive Prototypes: Crafted fully interactive prototypes in Figma, providing a comprehensive and engaging preview of the expected user experience, significantly surpassing what static design mockups could offer.


The Figma prototypes and collaborative design-to-development processes underscored a commitment to functional and thematic excellence, enhancing the user experience with a focus on accessibility and scientific engagement. This streamlined approach improved the developmental workflow and enriched the educational impact of the Bio 4 Community curriculum, making learning interactive and visually appealing.


device mockup