Dells Watersports

Boat Rental and Full Service Marina

Project Overview


The mission was to elevate Dells Watersports, a premier boat rental and full-service marina in Wisconsin Dells, WI, through a digital transformation and complete website rebuild. The project aimed to develop a leading-edge website that not only showcases the company’s extensive range of rental equipment but also simplifies the reservation process for users. The core focus was on enhancing user experience, optimizing for mobile and desktop, and integrating a seamless booking system.

Project Highlights

  • Integration with FareHarbor Reservation Software: Achieved seamless integration with FareHarbor reservation system, enabling users to effortlessly check availability, book equipment, and complete payments online. This was instrumental in providing a frictionless and efficient booking experience.
  • Boat Sales Inventory Management: Developed a dynamic system for posting, updating, and managing the inventory of boats for sale. This feature allows for real-time updates and easy management of the sales inventory, enhancing the site’s functionality for users interested in purchasing boats.
  • Technology Stack: Built and integrated with Advanced Custom Fields Pro on the WordPress CMS to provide a user-friendly administrative interface, coupled with the flexibility of the Bootstrap 5 framework for a responsive and modern design. The site is also part of a multisite network with the businesses other rental locations.


The digital transformation of Dells Watersports resulted in a modernized website that significantly enhanced the booking process and increased reservations, leading to a larger customer base and improved online sales. Users praised the website for its ease of navigation and efficient booking capabilities, while the automation of the booking system and the rich online content have reduced administrative work, allowing staff to focus more on customer service. This comprehensive platform has elevated the company’s market position, driving both performance and customer satisfaction.

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