Slackwater Apparel

Outdoor Apparel and Fine Goods Company

Project Overview


The Slackwater Apparel initiative established a significant digital presence in the outdoor apparel and fine goods market, creating a unique brand identity that captivates outdoor enthusiasts. This venture was aimed at building a distinctive brand and an online marketplace to enhance brand visibility, engage a dedicated customer base, and boost e-commerce sales nationally, including notable success on platforms like Shopify and Etsy.

Project Highlights

Brand Development: We embarked on an extensive brand-building journey, developing a unique identity that embodies outdoor adventure and sustainability. This included creating a memorable logo, a cohesive color palette, and a compelling narrative that resonates with our target audience.

E-Commerce Excellence: A sophisticated e-commerce platform was developed, offering an intuitive shopping experience. We utilized Shopify for its robust e-commerce capabilities and Etsy as a key e-commerce hub, enabling effective product management, inventory oversight, and secure transactions.

SEO and Digital Marketing: We employed advanced SEO techniques and digital marketing strategies to boost online visibility and organic traffic, enhancing the brand’s reach and customer engagement.

Product Presentation: The online shopping experience was elevated with professional photography and detailed product descriptions, making it easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Technology Stack: Our modern technology stack includes Shopify for e-commerce operations, Adobe Creative Suite for design tasks, and various social media platforms for marketing, ensuring a dynamic, responsive, and visually appealing online presence.


Slackwater Apparel has successfully secured a place in the competitive outdoor apparel sector, appealing to a broad audience of outdoor enthusiasts through a focus on quality, sustainability, and distinctive design.

Strategic SEO and digital marketing efforts have significantly increased website traffic, customer engagement, and sales, achieving a notable milestone of over a thousand sales on Etsy and hundreds on Shopify, spanning all 50 states in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.